Every club has statutes and regulations. These are especially important at annual general meetings. The regulations that are important for everyday business are included in the house rules.

HOUSE RULES - NEVER OUT HOUTRUST (According to article 19 of the Regulations) The House Rules have been determined by the annual general meeting for members on the 19th of November 2010.


  • The membership year begins on the 1st of November and ends on the 31st of October the following year.
  • The board is composed of an uneven number of people. There must be at least 5 people.
  • Every year the annual general meeting takes place in November.



  • During the annual general meeting, the Executive Board accounts for the activities and finances of the past year. There is also a (re) election of the Board at this time.
  • Candidates for the board should make themselves known to at least 5 senior members of the board at least 7 days before the meeting.
  • Only the chairman is elected at the annual general meeting. The other administrative functions are assigned by the board.
  • Every year 2 board members step down in accordance with a fixed schedule. They are, however, eligible for reappointment.
  • All the decisions of the annual general meeting are made according to a system of the majority vote. For this to occur at least 10% of the members must be present.
  • The board will consult about rates with the park manager and shall publish these rates in mid-October. Then they will be submitted for approval at the annual general meeting.



  • For the registration of new members a form provided by the association must be completed.
  • This form shall contain at least the following information: name, address , gender, date of birth , type of membership and subscription , telephone number , email address, the desired tennis training, previous membership, the level at which they play tennis and a passport picture.
  • New members will receive an information pack and a copy of the house rules and regulations from the secretary.
  • Termination of the membership must be announced in writing to the secretary before the 1st of November.
  • Members who terminate their membership temporarily (up to 1 year) do not have to pay the registration fee again.



  • The fee must be paid before the 1st of November of the membership year. Members who pay late may incur an administration fee and may only play if the membership is paid.
  • The KNLTB membership passes will only be sent to the members once the membership fee has been paid.
  • Members who still refuse to pay the fee after several requests have been made shall, in conformation with the KNLTB guidelines, be contacted by a collection agency.
  • Members who join the society in the course of the membership year shall receive a discount of 25% from mid-June and 50% from mid-August.
  • Members who participate in the NKLTB league are required to contribute a separate fee for extra balls, use of the courts and KNLTB entry fees.



  • There is a technical committee, which organizes or coordinates the various activities of the association.
  • The association takes part in the KNLTB league. Each tennis season it takes part in at a spring tournament, club championships, a’ pitchers tournament’ (kruikentoernooi) , an autumn tournament and a midwinter tournament.
  • Every Tuesday evening members are assigned by the society, for which courts are allocated.



  • Courts will be used for consecutive periods of 45 minutes.
  • A request to change is taken into account immediately.
  • With large crowds the situation is dealt with, according to the rules of the park, by handing out passes.
  • Every year the society makes the balls available for the league and the club championships.
  • To take part in the league a contribution is required in order to cover the cost of the balls supplied by the society and entry fee requested by the KNLTB.