Knltb tennis competition

The Knltb organises 2 competitions, the Spring competition and the Autumn competition. Every year some 30,000 teams participate in the KNLTB Spring Competition, which is played in the months April and May. More than 200,000 league players compete with their team to win the competition. With over 21,000 teams, divided over 1,500 clubs, the Autumn Competition is played. This takes place in September and October.

During these competitions you and your team try to become champion of the pool in seven playing days. In most cases a pool consists of eight teams and is divided by level, age and region. A team meets each opponent once. You play a number of times at your own club and a number of times you visit another club. The winners of the pool promote to a higher class and the last (two) relegate to a lower class, provided this is possible.

For seniors, the competition consists of a very diverse range of competitions on every day of the week, for beginners as well as top players and for everyone in between. In short, for every tennis player there is a competition that suits you.

Each tennis club determines its own competition on the basis of the competition offer per province. This competition offer depends, among other things, on the size of the club (court capacity), the composition of the membership base, the policy of the club and the wishes and needs of the members. At Never Out Houtrust you can register at the TC (email).