Winter oliebollen tournament

The annual ‘oliebollen’ tournament takes place on Saturday afternoon at the beginning of the New Year. This is followed by the New Year celebration. On this afternoon people play doubles. Although level of skill is taken into account, above all it is about socialising and having a good time. One is not required to sign up beforehand and it is also possible to join in throughout the afternoon. If the condition of the courts make play impossible, the New Year celebration will still take place, but the tournament will not.

Spring opening tournament

Every year, at the beginning of the official tennis season (end of March), the spring tournament takes place on Saturday afternoon. This starts the season with enjoyable and lively games of doubles.

Fall snerttoernooi

The yearly ‘Snert’ tournament takes place at the end of the season (mid-October). This also takes place on a Saturday afternoon and also involves playing doubles games. In the period following this tournament, if the conditions of the courts allow, it will be possible to continue playing tennis outside.

Kruiken tournament

The famous 'kruiken' tournament is a highlight of the year. Double teams compete with each other and try to win a 'kruik' (a vase/jar filled with wine). The tournament lasts for a whole weekend and includes two days of tennis and afterwards a dinner. Don't miss out on this special tournament!

Pancake Tournament

On a weekend day in the summer children play tennis games with each other and as a reward eat pancakes in between the games!

Canon tournament  

At this spectacular children's tournament the children play against a ball machine and at the same time receive tennis training and improve their skills.

Parent - Child Tournament  

Every year we organize the Parent-Child Tournament where the young members (untill 17) can compete together with a parent or a grandparent against other family couples!